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Hakshiva’s therapy Clinic offers a variety of professional services and programs created to meet the specific needs of the community we serve.


therapy at hakshivaAdolescence is a time of rapid change for a teen and his/her family. As children move into adolescence, they want more opportunities to make their own choices and to test the boundaries of rules and relationships. This can cause tensions between teens and their parents. A therapist can help teens and their parents work to get along better during this time of transition.

Even when teens get along well with their parents, they may struggle with problems that they are reluctant to share. They may be concerned that their parents will not understand or will overreact, worry or be disappointed in them. Oftentimes, teens feel more comfortable opening up to a professional who is less personally involved and can help them make sense of what they are feeling and figure out how to successfully overcome their difficulties and challenges.

Hakshiva’s in-house therapy clinic was founded to provide professional and affordable psychological counseling by observant, English and Hebrew speaking therapists who understand the unique needs of Ramat Beit Shemesh teens and their families. Our therapists treat a wide-range of issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, social difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, anger outbursts, and family conflicts. They work using a variety of modalities such as insight-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, art/play therapy, and family therapy. For pre-teens, the therapy relationship develops through playing games and other activities that allow the child to feel comfortable and share at a pace appropriate to their developmental level.

Parents interested in referring their teen for therapy can call the clinic and be assured that all inquiries and information shared are held in strictest confidence.

Words can’t describe my gratitude
“I don’t really know what to say because words can’t describe how much gratitude I feel towards you. You are always there for me with a patient listening ear, with your amazing insight, your wise words of hope, comfort, and encouragement. “ - Y.C.


As part of the teen’s individual therapy, parents will be asked to come for meetings with the therapist from time to time. The purpose of these meetings is both to share information about how the therapy is progressing and to discuss ways in which the parents can play an important and helpful role in assisting their teen with the issue at hand.

At times, individual therapy for a teen may not be feasible or even warranted. Parents may be looking for guidance in how to better parent their teens or specific techniques and strategies for managing challenging situations at home. They may need help in learning to work together as a team in their parenting. In these cases, our therapist will meet weekly with parents to offer guidance and to assist parents with skills and techniques to improve communication and increase positive interactions with both their children and each other.


Families may turn to the therapy clinic for advice on what treatment would best suit their teen. Our intake staff is happy to make referrals to outside mental health professionals and specialists in related fields if we are not the best address to help with a specific issue. Occasionally, Hakshiva may subsidize the cost of outside therapy on the basis of financial need. Our number one goal is to make sure our clients have access to the best professional help available.

Group Therapy & Social Skills Groups

In addition to individual therapy and parental guidance, we also offer workshops addressing common challenges facing teens and their parents.

We offer parenting workshops to educate parents about adolescent psychology and development in order to help them better navigate this stage with their child. These workshops offer hands-on techniques and tools that parents can practice and perfect.

Some parents are dealing with very difficult issues with their teens. These parents often feel embarrassed to share their struggles with others in their community. This isolation makes them think that they are the only ones dealing with these particular challenges. Our parent support groups offer parents a chance to share and discuss sensitive issues with others in the same situation and realize that they are not alone. Together, they feel supported in their family’s struggle while learning ways that others have managed similar situations.

Teen Groups: Social-Skills Groups and Aliya Support Groups

A large part of a child’s self-worth is tied to his/her peer group.  Yet, many teens and pre-teens struggle socially due to a lack in social skills and/or difficulty understanding social cues. They may not have many friends, or they may have difficulty maintaining friendships.

At Hakshiva, we offer social-skills group specifically for these children. These groups enhance development of peer-to-peer skills in a natural way—through real-time interactions. In weekly groups (separate for boys and girls), the facilitator focuses on a specific social skill and helps the group practices this skill through games and role plays.

Making Aliya as a teen creates many additional challenges beyond the usual teens issues. We have recently opened support groups for Olim teens to help them navigate the unique challenges they face in a supportive environment with peers who are experiencing similar feelings and struggles.

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