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Hakshiva believes that children should always have their best chances of succeeding in school, because we’ve seen that early experiences of educational success pave the way for smoother learning and social success in the future. Thus we offer a variety of academic resources to fit different students’ needs. Whether a child can benefit from our Homework Center or needs more specialized guidance in adjusting to school, we can help. We also encourage parents to ask us about our referral program, in which we help navigate the process of professionally evaluating one’s child to identify if any learning disabilities are hampering his or her academic success.

While other organizations provide tutoring and mentoring programs, Hakshiva remains unique as the only service that incorporates a comprehensive, holistic approach of working together with parents, teachers and other professionals in order to help them guide a child towards reaching his or her academic potential.

Homework Center

_d3_0256Many children find it a challenge to study at home, for a variety of reasons. The Hakshiva Homework Center is an answer to that problem—providing a warm, friendly and fun environment where students can come to study and complete their homework.  The way the center operates is simple: Each participating child is assigned a tutor. All tutors are trained instructors with relevant educational degrees. Every student meets with their tutor twice a week after school for 45 minutes in a welcoming, quiet atmosphere. The staff of the Homework Center communicate directly with the child’s school and teacher(s), ensuring that the tutor has a full understanding of the topics or study skills each student is struggling with.

Since the Homework Center’s opening, scores of elementary school children have benefited from its services, learning effective study skills and receiving personalized homework assistance and test preparation in their most challenging subjects. The feedback from students, parents and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Individualized attention and guidance are the keys that unlock academic success for so many children, and our goal is to ensure that homework facilitates success rather than prevents it.

Relieved a tremendous amount of stress
"The homework center not only made it easier for my daughter to do well in school it also gave her the confidence in recognizing she can succeed academically. It now takes her less time to do homework and she is much more comfortable with it. This has relieved a tremendous amount of stress that permeated our home at homework time. Thanks for everything you have done for my daughter, for me and our whole family!" - SG

Educational Guidance

Hakshiva assists children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18 who have more unique educational needs and challenges. These challenges usually include learning disabilities, cultural acclimation due to aliyah, social difficulties, and behavioral issues.  Oftentimes, parents who are immigrants have a hard time getting their children the help they need due to their unfamiliarity with the Israeli school system.

We often assist children who need help thriving in their current school. In other instances, we help students explore more appropriate school that fits their needs. Some children require educational guidance while they find themselves (either temporarily or permanently) being out of school. Whatever the case may be, navigating the maze of Israeli schools—including acceptance policies, learning styles, and religious orientation—can be a daunting task that leaves many parents feeling understandably lost and overwhelmed. Our school placement service not only helps parents explore appropriate schools for their children, but also helps facilitate the child’s acceptance and integration into school in order to ensure that they enjoy a successful academic experience.

Sometimes, schools turn to Hakshiva for our assistance and input regarding a specific student. We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of the student’s needs, which may include a professional evaluation, a mentor, and recommendations for parental interventions.

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a professional relationship with each of the schools we work with. In order to ensure optimal success for the child in question, each school pays a fee to participate in Hakshiva’s educational guidance services. The payment, while not intended to cover the costs of the program, is rather a statement of commitment from the school to show that they are invested in their students’ success.

Professional Evaluations and Referrals

Learning disabilities that go undetected or untreated can put a child at-risk academically, socially, and emotionally. Psychodidactic testing can help identify a child’s learning disabilities and make appropriate recommendations for addressing them so that each child can have all the necessary tools for him/her to succeed academically. Children who are diagnosed with learning issues may be eligible for classroom, assignment, and examination accommodations in order to ensure they earn equal access to the learning environment as their peers.

While many parents may sense that their child is struggling academically, they often don’t know how to find the right person to assess their child. Often, the cost of such a thorough evaluation is beyond their reach.

Because we know the vital importance of such an evaluation in helping a child with learning disabilities, Hakshiva has established a referral program to help parents understand the testing process, locate the best professional to test their child, and subsidize the cost of testing. Our goal is to help direct each child to the best help he/she can have.

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